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Understanding meningitis and medical negligence better

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Recently, specialist personal injury solicitor Hannah Carr from our Salisbury office, attended a meningitis training event organised by the Brain Injury Group.

Aimed at medical negligence solicitors (both claimant and defendant), barristers and insurers, it was also very relevant to case managers, health and social care professionals and charities supporting those affected by meningitis.

The day provided attendees with an in-depth overview of meningitis including its symptoms and potential complications, rehabilitation needs and an overview of the role of prosthetics for meningitis survivors.

With an important focus on medical negligence, the training event also covered breaches of duty in general practice and an informative discussion of compensation levels in meningitis-related medical negligence cases.

A distinguished line up of experts led the day including Dr Nelly Ninis, General Paediatrician at the Imperial College NHS Trust and Professor Simon Kroll, Professor of Paediatrics and Molecular Infectious Diseases from Imperial College London, who gave an educational talk about delays in diagnosis.

Highly respected GP Dr Thomas Boyd delivered a very engaging presentation on the crucial issue of breach of duty in general practice in relation to both meningitis and septicaemia and how it can result in medical negligence claims.

Sponsored by case management and rehabilitation company ILS and Nestor Financial, a specialist IFA practice, the training day was a fantastic opportunity for attendees to learn more about meningitis and develop a deeper understanding of the complex and evolving area of medical negligence.

Hannah said: “What an informative training day with engaging expert speakers and interactive presentations! As specialist personal injury and medical negligence solicitors, it is important we keep up-to-speed with the latest developments and expertise not only on meningitis itself but how negligence occurs in healthcare settings and what we can do to help those affected.”

If you or a family member has suffered due to medical mistakes made while ill from meningitis, you may be able to make a compensation claim. Call or email us for a free ‘no obligation’ chat in complete confidence. We will assess your case and advise you on how to proceed with your claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

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