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At Novum Law, we offer No Win No Fee compensation for personal injury, medical negligence or asbestos disease claims.

When we say No Win No Fee, we mean it.

We help to take the stress out of compensation claims, giving you complete peace of mind, by ensuring that there are no unexpected charges or hidden costs during your claim.

This means that you don’t have to worry about any upfront or ongoing costs of making a personal injury, medical negligence or asbestos disease claim.

What Is No Win No Fee?

No Win No Fee (referred to in legal terms as a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA) removes all the financial risk from making a serious personal injury, medical negligence, or asbestos disease compensation claim. It means you pay nothing at all in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful.

How does No Win No Fee work?

No Win No Fee is an agreement made between you and your solicitor. When you sign a No Win No Fee agreement, your solicitor takes out a special legal protection insurance policy for you at the same time known as ‘After the Event Insurance’. This protects you from having to pay any expenses or fees associated with pursuing your claim (such as Court fees and medical experts’ fees) in the highly unlikely event that you do not win your case. It also covers your opponent’s costs and expenses if your claim is unsuccessful.

What kinds of claims does No Win No Fee cover?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault, been harmed due to medical negligence or have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, we can help you make a claim for compensation on a No Win No Fee basis.

Our specialist teams of No Win No Fee solicitors provide claims for a wide range of injuries and illnesses including:

What do I pay if my No Win No Fee claim is successful?

If your claim is successful, you will pay a fee (known as a ‘success fee’) to your No Win No Fee solicitor as a percentage of the legal costs incurred on your behalf. This percentage will have been agreed between you and your solicitor at the very start of your claim, so there are no surprises or hidden costs at the end of the compensation process.

The fee payable to your solicitor will never exceed 25% of the combined value of your claim for general damages (that is the damages payable to compensate you for your actual injuries) and past financial losses (for example: travel costs, loss of earnings and private medical treatment).

The cost of the insurance is also payable when your claim has settled and is deducted from your compensation. Your specialist personal injury solicitor will explain all this to you and answer any questions you may have before starting your No Win No Fee claim.

 What happens if I lose my No Win No Fee claim?

If you lose your claim, you do not have to pay anything. You are not responsible for any solicitors’ fees or legal expenses if your No Win No Fee claim is unsuccessful. These costs are covered by the special legal protection insurance policy called ‘After the Event Insurance’ your solicitor took out at the start of your claim.

How is No Win No Fee compensation calculated?

Your solicitor will calculate the value of your compensation based on two factors – general damages and special damages.

General damages is the amount paid for the physical pain, suffering and ‘loss of amenity’ (your ability to do things). Examples of general damages includes:

  • The pain your injuries have caused
  • Any mental anguish, stress, and emotional and psychological issues
  • The impact on your quality of life such as spending time with family life and friends and activities such as sport and hobbies

Special damages cover any financial losses and out-of-pocket expenses you may have incurred due to your injury. Examples of special damages includes:

  • Lost earnings
  • Travel expenses
  • Paid-for treatment
  • Extra care costs

How long will my No Win No Fee claim take?

It is difficult to give you an exact time frame for your No Win No Fee claim. It depends on the severity of your injury or illness, the complexity of your case and whether the other side (the defendant) admits liability (fault for what happened). Your specialist solicitor will be able to give you an approximate timescale based on the details of your case.

Why is No Win No Fee important?

No Win No Fee is important because if you have been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, suffered due to medical negligence or have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, you can get fair access to justice.

No Win No Fee means you get access to expert legal advice and an secure the compensation you need, confident in the knowledge that you will not be out of pocket in the unlikely event your claim is unsuccessful.

What are the time limits for making No Win No Fee claims?

The general rule is that adults have three years from the date of the injury to make a personal injury compensation claim. There are a few exceptions:

  • For No Win No Fee claims involving medical negligence or asbestos-related disease, the three-year time limit applies from the date when the symptoms were first noticed.
  • If you are making a claim on behalf of a child aged under 18 years, you can do so at any time up to their 18th birthday. Once they become 18 years, the three-year time limit applies, and they have until they reach 21 years to make a claim.
  • There are no time limits for making a claim for someone who lacks the mental capacity to do it themselves.

Why should I make a No Win No Fee claim with Novum Law?

At Novum Law, we specialise in No Win No Fee personal injury, medical negligence, and asbestos disease compensation claims. Unlike many full-service law firms, our focus is on helping people who have been negligently harmed through no fault of their own.

We understand how daunting it can be to think about making a compensation claim. And we know it can be difficult to talk about the impact your injury or illness has had on your life.
Our specialist solicitors have years of experience providing help and support to people from all walks of life on a No Win No Fee basis. We are here to listen and to provide free, impartial, expert advice from the outset. You are under no obligation if you get in touch with us.

We have a strong track record securing maximum compensation for our clients and will work with you and your family to access the best rehabilitation and care and support available to meet your needs.

How do I start my No Win No Fee claim?

It is easy to start your No Win No Fee claim with Novum Law. All you need to do is contact our team of specialist No Win No Fee solicitors for a FREE initial chat by calling 0800 884 0777 , emailing info@novumlaw.com or filling out our online enquiry form to request a call back.

We will talk to you about what happened and give you expert, tailored legal advice with no strings attached.

If you decide you would like to go ahead with your No Win No Fee claim, a specialist No Win No Fee solicitor with experience in cases like yours, will talk to you about your accident or injury in more detail and inform you of the next steps. They will guide you through the process of making a No Win No Fee claim and will be with you every step of the way.

Call us today on 0800 884 0777 or email info@novumlaw.com or fill out our enquiry form to request a call back.


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