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If you or a loved one has a serious life-changing injury or illness, you want to be sure that the compensation you receive will give you and your family the financial security you need now and into the future.

At Novum Law, sound financial planning is at the heart of every compensation claim.  From the outset, we will work to ensure all your costs are covered – from ongoing expenses which includes loss of earnings, medical bills, travel expenditure and home or car adaptations to future needs, such as rehabilitation or care and support.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors are focused on getting you the right advice from the best medical experts and other professionals to make sure you receive the maximum compensation available and that your settlement covers all your needs.

We provide expert advice and support throughout the course of your serious personal injury, medical negligence or asbestos-related disease claim from start to finish.

Our specialist Wills, Trust and estate planning team is also on hand should you need advice on how best to plan and manage your finances while your claim is ongoing or once it has been settled. They can assist if you want to set up a Personal Injury Trust, make a Will, minimise Inheritance Tax, apply for probate, want to set up a Lasting Power of Attorney or help with any other matters relating to your personal and legal affairs.

If you are looking after a vulnerable family member, we frequently partner with our sister firm Hyphen Law, which specialises in managing the property and financial affairs of those who lack the capacity to make their own decisions. They provide advice on all Court of Protection matters and offer professional Deputyship services as well help with statutory benefits and care and support funding.

Additional support includes:

  • Recommending financial advisors
  • Helping Deputies with their legal, financial and reporting obligations
  • Professional Deputyship services
  • Advising on care and support packages and funding

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is a useful way to calculate how much money you need to cover your ongoing and future expenses. It’s important to plan your finances if you or a loved one has suffered a serious, life-changing injury or illness and is in the process of making a claim or has received a large settlement. This will help you to manage your cash flow and ensure you and your family have financial security for the future.

What is the Court of Protection?

The Court of Protection is responsible for making decisions on property and affairs and welfare matters for people who lack the mental capacity to deal with those issues themselves. Click here to learn more about the Court of Protection.

What is a Deputy?

The Court of Protection can appoint a ‘Deputy’ to make ongoing decisions about finances and welfare for people who lack mental capacity. A Deputy makes decisions that are in the best interests of the individual and can help to ensure their financial affairs are properly taken care of. Parents and family members can be Deputies, but often professional Deputies are appointed to provide expert and dedicated support. The cost of a professional Deputy can be recovered through the claim. Click here to learn more about the role of a Deputy.

Visit Hyphen Law’s website to find out more about their specialist services or contact us on Freephone 0800 884 0777.


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