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Living with the consequences of an asbestos-related disease, such as mesothelioma (pleural mesothelioma and peritoneal mesothelioma), pleural thickening, asbestos-related lung fibrosis or asbestosis, can be devastating, both for sufferers and their families. Sadly, these diseases can be fatal and, even where they are not, they can leave people unable to work or carry on with their normal lives.

While no amount of money can truly make things right, compensation can make a real difference to anyone living with an asbestos-related disease and to their loved ones. Asbestos compensation can be used to pay for the best medical and personal care, replace lost income and cover any other costs arising from the impact of an asbestos disease.

At Novum Law, our expert asbestos and mesothelioma solicitors in Swindon can help you by:

  • Advising whether you are owed asbestos compensation
  • Estimating the potential damages for your claim
  • Guiding you through the entire claims process
  • Making the claims process as simple and stress-free as possible

We offer No Win No Fee funding for asbestos compensation claims, avoiding the need to find the money to pay for our services and removing any financial risk from making an asbestos claim.

Worried about the idea of having to go to court? In the vast majority of cases, our asbestos solicitors are able to avoid this, with strong skills in negotiating maximum settlements for our clients. As well as making the claims process less stressful, this can also get you compensation faster.

Not sure you can claim because your asbestos exposure happened many years ago and/or the employer responsible is no longer in business? It is often still possible to claim. Novum Law has extensive experience in claims like these, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

Book a Free Consultation With Our Asbestos Solicitors in Swindon

If you believe you or a loved one are entitled to asbestos compensation, our asbestos solicitors in Swindon are here for you.

We also have offices in Bristol, Cardiff, the Isle of Wight, Plymouth, Salisbury and Southampton allowing us to offer a convenient local service to clients further afield.

To begin your claim, contact our Swindon office on 01793412699 or online for a free, no obligation chat.

Our Expertise With all Types of Asbestos Claims

Our asbestos solicitors in Swindon are experts in dealing with all types of asbestos-related disease claims, including:

Find out more about our expertise with asbestos-related diseases.

Take a look at our team to find out more about their individual areas of expertise.

Our Approach to Asbestos Compensation Claims in Swindon

Free Consultation

To help you explore the possibility of pursuing asbestos compensation, we offer a free first appointment with one of our specialist asbestos solicitors in Swindon. This will normally be by phone or via videoconferencing, but we can also work via email if you prefer.

Your initial consultation is your chance to:

  • Explain how you think you were exposed to asbestos and how your disease has impacted your life
  • Get our opinion on whether you may have grounds for a claim
  • Find out the potential level of damages available
  • Learn how the claims process works
  • Understand what you need to do next if you decide to pursue an asbestos claim

Please be assured, our team will not place you under any pressure to make a claim during your initial consultation. Our goal is simply to give you the information you need to make the best choice for you and hopefully show you why we are the right people to help.

No Win No Fee Asbestos Claims Funding

We use Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) to fund asbestos claims, which you may have heard referred to as ‘No Win No Fee’ funding.

With a No Win No Fee asbestos claim, our fees only get applied if and when we win compensation for you. This means you do not need to pay us anything upfront and there is no financial risk to making a claim because if we don’t secure compensation for you, you won’t owe us a penny.

In the event of a successful claim, our fees are normally paid by the defendant.

Find out more about No Win No Fee funding.

Proving You Are Owed Asbestos Compensation

We must provide evidence that someone else (normally an employer) was responsible for your asbestos exposure in order for you to win compensation.

Key facts we will need to prove are that:

  1. Your asbestos exposure occurred while you were working for an employer.
  2. Your employer knew or should reasonably have been expected to know there was a risk of asbestos exposure.
  3. Your employer did not take appropriate precautions to minimise the risks of asbestos exposure e.g. providing proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Our asbestos solicitors in Swindon have the skills and experience to ensure all necessary evidence is collected effectively, even for cases where your asbestos exposure happened decades ago. We can thus give you the best chance of a successful claim.

Calculating the Value of Your Asbestos Compensation Claim

We want our clients to receive the maximum possible compensation, so will look at all of the ways an asbestos-related disease has impacted you and your loved ones when working out how much compensation you are owed. This process is called ‘assessing quantum’ or ‘assessing quantum of damages’.

Damages for an asbestos-related disease can cover:

  • Financial costs you have incurred (e.g. medical bills, rehabilitation costs, care and support fees, lost earnings etc.)
  • The non-financial impact of injuries (e.g. pain and suffering, loss of amenity etc.)

Getting an Asbestos Settlement Out of Court

Our Swindon asbestos lawyers are typically able to secure compensation for our clients through private negotiation with the defendant, avoiding the need for court proceedings without compromising on the level of compensation available.

Pursuing an Asbestos Compensation Claim in Court

In the rare occurrence when court proceedings are needed to get you fair compensation, it is essential to have the best possible representation. We can help arrange this for you, as well as explain exactly how the court process works and supporting you through every stage of proceedings.

Transferring Your Asbestos Claim to Novum Law From Another Firm

Have you started an asbestos claim with another firm and are unhappy with their service or the progression of your claim? We will be happy to provide an independent second opinion.

Where we have taken over claims from other firms in the past, we have often been able to get a significantly higher settlement and/or secure compensation faster.

Find out more about transferring your asbestos claim to Novum Law.

Time Limits for Asbestos Compensation Claims

Three years is the standard time limit for bringing a personal injury claim, including asbestos claims.

While this might sound concerning if your asbestos exposure happened years ago, it is important to understand that this time limit is counted not from the time when your asbestos exposure occurred, but from the ‘date of knowledge’.

The date of knowledge is the date on which you were first aware that:

  1. You were suffering from an asbestos-related disease.
  2. Someone else (normally an employer) was to blame for your exposure to asbestos.

For asbestos-related diseases, the date of knowledge is often many years or decades after the initial exposure occurred as this is when people are first diagnosed. This means you can still likely claim even if your exposure happened a long time ago.

In some circumstances, different time limits may apply giving you longer to claim e.g. if you are claiming for someone who has sadly died, you normally have three years to do so from their date of death.

Find out more about time limits for compensation claims.

Claiming Asbestos Compensation if an Employer Has Gone out of Business

Even if the employer you believe was responsible for your asbestos exposure has gone out of business, it is usually still possible to claim compensation. This is because the claim will actually be against their insurers, who are much more likely to still be trading.

Our asbestos solicitors can help identify which insurer covered your former employer (if you are unsure), then help you make a claim against them.

Support for Families Where a Loved One Has Died Due to an Asbestos-Related Disease

Sadly, asbestos-related diseases can be fatal, cutting short the lives of those affected.

The death of a loved one is never easy to deal with, but when you know that their death could have been avoided, it can seem particularly cruel. Our asbestos solicitors can help families at this difficult time, providing advice and representation for coroner’s inquests, so you can get answers about what happened.

If you wish to pursue compensation for fatal asbestos exposure or need to carry on a claim started by a loved one before they passed away, we can help make this as straightforward as possible while providing compassionate personal support at this difficult time.

Have a Question About Claiming Asbestos Compensation?

If you have a question about making an asbestos-related disease claim, you take a look at our FAQs. Alternatively, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer your query.

Book Your Free Consultation With Our Asbestos Solicitors in Swindon

If you believe you or a loved one are entitled to asbestos compensation, our personal injury solicitors in Swindon are here for you.

We also have offices in Bristol, Cardiff, the Isle of Wight, Plymouth, Salisbury and Southampton allowing us to offer a convenient local service to clients further afield.

To begin your claim, contact us on 01793412699 or online for a free, no obligation chat.


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