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Asbestos-related Disease Solicitors in Southampton, Hampshire

Whether you have asbestosis, asbestos-related lung cancer, pleural thickening or mesothelioma, the diagnosis can come as a big shock especially if it has been decades since exposure.

If you are looking to make a claim, you’ll need a solicitor who is an expert in this type of asbestos-related claim; whose investigative approach means they are meticulous in the preparation of their claims and who has the experience to look at evidence that is often from a few decades earlier – leaving no stone unturned.

Our solicitors in Southampton are specialists in asbestos-related diseases. They work with the highest calibre teams including nationally renowned medical experts and specialist barristers to get the best results for their clients.

We understand the huge impact this kind of diagnosis can have on our clients and their families and we are there for them throughout the compensation process, visiting them at home and taking the time to talk them through the claim and guide them through each step.

Offering No Win No Fee we understand that many clients have financial worries due to their illness and are committed to alleviating these concerns.

We have close ties with the asbestos-related disease charity HASAG as well as Mesothelioma UK. For many years, we have been very involved with raising funds for both charities.

Our office is located in the heart of Southampton, near Watts Park, just a few minutes from Southampton Central railway station. Many of our clients are based throughout the UK and we are very happy to meet them at their home.

Please call us on: 02380 930 580 to talk about making a claim.