Novum Law helps machine operator injured at work receive compensation

Novum Law’s expert team of personal injury solicitors has recovered over £52,000 compensation for a machine operator who seriously injured his hand in an accident at work in Portsmouth.

Josh* who was 35 years old at the time of the accident, was using a machine when a pipe became jammed. As he’d been instructed to do, Josh attempted to retrieve the pipe by hand, but unfortunately, the machine accidentally re-started, and his right hand became trapped and was severely crushed.

Serious hand injuries

Following the accident, Josh needed extensive surgery to his right hand. This involved repairs to his thumb nailbed, the nerves in two of his fingers, and the flexor tendon in his little finger.

Following treatment from a specialist physiotherapist, Josh needed further surgery to his hand to release the tendon in his little finger from the scar tissue (known as a PIP joint release tenolysis), so that he could move his finger properly again.

The extent of Josh’s work injuries meant that he continued to have problems and limitations with his right hand. Despite working at other firms after his accident, the ongoing pain in his hand caused problems with his ability to work and secure lasting employment.

Work accident compensation claim

Unable to hold down a job and still in pain from his accident, Josh, with his mother’s help, approached Novum Law’s specialist personal injury team in Swindon to ask if he could make a No Win No Fee work accident compensation claim.

An experienced Novum Law solicitor specialising in work accidents met with Josh and his mother to find out all the details about his accident and the impact his serious hand injuries and ongoing symptoms were having on his life.

We agreed we could help Josh make a claim on a No Win No Fee basis and proceeded to register the claim with the manufacturing company (the Defendant).

Liability for the accident

The Defendant denied liability for Josh’s accident, claiming that his hand should not have been in the machine in the first place. However, it was common practice at the factory for Josh and his colleagues to not press the ‘stop button’.

Work accident compensation with no need to go to court

While the factory continued to refuse to accept the blame for Josh’s accident, Novum Law successfully persuaded the Defendant’s insurers to pay over £52,000 in compensation.

This was an out of court settlement, which meant that Josh and his mother did not have to deal with the stress of going to court.

Specialist Novum Law solicitor Claire Sagala said:

“This was a particularly nasty crushing injury to the hand, and we are delighted to have secured work accident compensation for Josh, who not only suffered significant pain in the aftermath of the accident and had to endure two surgeries but has been unable to properly return to paid employment since.

“Employers have a duty of care to their staff and must take safety seriously. While many firms do consider their employees’ safety, there are too many instances where companies fail to consider the risks, and the result is that workers like Josh are seriously injured. When this happens, employees are entitled to work accident compensation for their pain and suffering as well as any financial losses.”

Josh’s mother added:

“We are indebted to Novum Law for all their help and support bringing this claim against Josh’s former employers. A big thank you to everyone in the team for sorting this all out for us. They patiently guided us through the compensation process, keeping us fully informed and making sure we understood everything. We have no hesitation recommending Novum Law and its caring team.”

Contact Novum Law’s work accident solicitors

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Our specialist work accident solicitors have years of experience of these types of claims, know your legal rights and can help you claim for maximum compensation.

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*Client’s name has been changed to protect his privacy


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