Ms G was at work sitting in the front seat of a car when the car was involved in a high speed collision.  The car in which Ms G was in was responding to an emergency and drove through a red traffic light at a junction. A bus failed to give way and drove across the path of the car. Ms G had to be cut out of the vehicle. Liability was disputed. This was decided at trial between the two drivers of the vehicles. Ms G recovered 100% of the value of her claim.

Ms G sustained multiple physical injuries and serious psychological injures. Ms G returned to work full time about 8 months after the accident.  Her work aggravated her low back pain and she was placed on restricted duties.  She had further sickness absence from work due to the accident and when she returned she had to re-apply for her position.  Her career remained uncertain.

The case settled a few days before the trial was due to start when the Defendants accepted Ms G’s offer to settle her claim.