Mr P was injured in a road traffic accident when he was 13 years old. He was a pedestrian who was hit by a lorry. Mr P’s parents had instructed a firm local to their home. They had agreed a reduction of the value of the claim by 15%.  At the time the previous solicitors were instructed, Mr P had spent almost seven years in hospital, a special residential school and then in a residential placement. A property had been purchased by the family to be adapted to meet his needs so that he could be cared for in his own home. However, the planning stage had been allowed to drift. Significant interim payments had been made but the family were concerned that the claim was not being calculated correctly or progressed as it should.

Our team were able to secure a significant settlement of £8.4 million which included a lump sum and periodic payments for the remainder of his life within nine months of being instructed which substantially improved on the original offer made.