Mr D was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle when he was 66 years old. There were two other vehicles involved in the accident. The first vehicle was travelling in front of Mr D and the second vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction. The first vehicle attempted to perform a u-turn across the carriageway in front of Mr D.  In an attempt to avoid the first vehicle, the second vehicle collided head-on with Mr D’s car.

Mr D sustained very serious orthopaedic injuries to include a fractured right pelvis; fractured right distal tibia, a fractured knee and various other extensive fractures.

Mr D initially instructed nominated panel solicitors through his motor insurance legal expense policy. The solicitors were located on the opposite side of the country and the client had difficulty communicating with them. The file was simply not being progressed.

Our team took over conduct of this case from Mr D’s previous solicitors and Mr D’s claim was ultimately settled for the total sum of £1million.