Mr and Mrs P were travelling on the A419 when the windscreen of their caravanette was shattered by a 5lb piece of Cotswold stone, which had been dislodged from the axle of a lorry that was thought likely to have come from a quarry. Exploding through the windscreen, the stone hit Mrs P in the head, fracturing her skull, leaving a hole the size of a tangerine. The injury was so severe that Mrs P required plates fitted to close the gap in her skull and resulted in a permanent brain injury.

Recalling the events, Mr P said, “It was a terrifying experience. I turned to see my wife slumped against the door with blood pouring from her face”.

Mr and Mrs P chose to approach us because of our expertise in handling personal injury cases, in particular head injury claims. Having established that the stone was from a quarry and had caught in the underside of a lorry a claim was sent to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau under the Untraced Driver Agreement.

This case demonstrates our ability to recover damages in difficult and less than straightforward cases.  We were able to recover significant damages required to give Mr and Mrs P the future financial security they need.