A man has sadly become significantly disabled due to treatment errors by the North Bristol NHS Trust.

He was originally referred by his GP to the Neurology Department at Southmead Hospital following episodes of a loss of power affecting his right leg which were associated with some involuntary movements.

He was subsequently diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent an operation from which he was making good progress.

Following the initial surgery, his condition was monitored at regular intervals. Unfortunately, at a neurological review several years later, which included an MRI brain scan, it was discovered that his cancerous tumour had marginally increased in size. At this time, although he had some weakness in his right leg, he was still able to walk independently, with the use of a stick.

Brain Tumour Without Radiotherapy Treatment

In view of the operative risks, it was recommended that he have radiotherapy in connection with the treatment of a recurrent parasagittal meningioma. Estimates that the tumour would be controlled were between 70 and 80%.

Tragically, the radiotherapy did not happen. The discussion about radiotherapy never took place with our client and he was lost in the follow up.

As our client’s leg and ability to walk became worse, his GP referred him to a neurosurgical consultant who felt that as the tumour had increased in size since the previous review and radiotherapy was no longer appropriate. Repeat surgery was performed instead. Unfortunately, following the surgery, he developed a venous infarction as a result of which he has been left significantly disabled with physical and cognitive weakness and impairment.

Family Appoints Expert Medical Negligence Solicitors To Claim Compensation

His family turned to Novum Law who successfully made a claim on his behalf.  The Trust admitted liability and a settlement of £600,000 secured for our client.

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