Specialist Mesothelioma disease solicitors Novum Law have secured a six figure settlement for a former electrical engineer who contracted the asbestos-related disease, mesothelioma several decades after his exposure to the deadly asbestos dust.

Mr C, from the South West, has spent his working life in electrical engineering and electrical installation.  He was exposed to the asbestos dust on many occasions and with many employers, often from nearby workmen who would be mixing up asbestos lagging and using it as a paste which created a lot of dust in the air and was inhaled by our client.

Working at various factories as well as a power station, Mr C then spent a number of years doing electrical installation work for a company at a university. During this time, a great deal of asbestos was being used and unfortunately, he would be regularly exposed to this. There was lagging on pipework, and nearby engineers would be installing and applying the asbestos lagging to the pipes.

After Mr C was sadly diagnosed with mesothelioma, Novum Law’s asbestos disease specialists were appointed to handle his claim.  A key challenge to overcome was that many of Mr C’s former employers had gone out of business.  However, fortunately a number of insurers were traced.

Although liability was not initially admitted by the insurers, once Novum Law’s asbestos team were preparing to issue court proceedings, Mr C received compensation for contracting the disease with a substantial settlement negotiated in 2020 with Mr C’s main employer.

If you have concerns about an asbestos-related disease, Novum Law’s team of specialist asbestos disease solicitors can help on a no win, no fee basis. To find out more information, contact us on Freephone: 0800 884 0777 or email: info@novumlaw.com.


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