Phillip Gower, a specialist asbestos disease lawyer in our Cardiff office, has secured compensation for the family of a man suffering from asbestos disease who died of a stroke in 2016.

Mr P was initially diagnosed with mesothelioma, a terminal cancer caused by prolonged exposure to asbestos. He was exposed to asbestos during his employment with the Royal Mail between 1969 and 1990.

Mr P’s case was unusual because he had a pre-existing heart condition. He had a history of atrial fibrillation (an irregular and often rapid heart rate) and a previous left ventricle thrombosis (blood clot). His doctor prescribed Warfarin to help thin his blood.

Before he died, his doctors also diagnosed malignant mesothelioma of the pleura (the lining of his lungs). However, his mesothelioma diagnosis was incorrect; Mr. P was actually suffering from asbestos-related diffuse pleural thickening and pleural effusion.

As a result of his mesothelioma diagnosis, Mr P’s Warfarin treatment was stopped and this led to his fatal stroke.

Phillip Gower and his team determined that there was no medical negligence on the part of those who misdiagnosed mesothelioma or decided to withdraw or not to re-administer his Warfarin medication.

Instead, the case was based on the fact that had Mr P not been negligently exposed to asbestos in the first place, he would not have developed the asbestos-related pleural thickening and pleural effusion, he would not have been misdiagnosed as suffering from mesothelioma and his treatment would have continued. If Mr P had kept taking the Warfarin, he would not have suffered a fatal stroke.

The Royal Mail admitted negligence and breach of duty for Mr P’s asbestos exposure and Novum Law secured substantial compensation for his family.

Phillip Gower says:

“Mr P’s case highlights how important it is to seek specialist legal advice from experienced asbestos disease solicitors who will investigate all avenues, and undertake a careful and detailed analysis of clients’ medical records to get to the heart of the matter. Despite a mesothelioma misdiagnosis, we were still able to pursue a successful claim for Mr P’s family.”

Speaking after the settlement, his family said:

“Thank you very much. As a family, we are very grateful that Novum Law has dealt with this case from start to finish, it made the whole process so much easier.”

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