Our client, from the Isle of Wight tragically suffered the unnecessary pain and trauma of a perforated appendix and emergency surgery due to a hospital error in misdiagnosing his appendicitis as constipation.

His experience began when he suffered abdominal pain and went to St Mary’s Hospital, A&E department on the Isle of Wight.  Even though he was in agony, he was diagnosed with constipation and sent home.

Misdiagnosed Appendicitis Causes Life-Threatening Complications

The pain and symptoms became worse and he returned to the hospital and a CT scan was arranged for the following day.

The scan revealed a bowel obstruction (a symptom of misdiagnosed appendicitis), and he was transferred to Southampton General Hospital for a review.  There, he was assessed and diagnosed with a perforated appendicitis, requiring emergency surgery.

Our client was naturally devastated that, despite being in agony, he had been diagnosed with constipation, when his condition was actually far more serious.

He is now at risk of needing further surgery in the future.

Isle of Wight NHS Trust Admits To Negligent Medical Care

Novum Law in Newport on the Isle of Wight took on his claim and the Isle Of Wight NHS Trust admitted that they failed to take enough detail and failed to conduct a proper examination of our client.

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