Why it’s not always best to ‘shop local’ when making a personal injury claim

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Tony L was severely injured in a road traffic accident in 2017 when he was struck by a car while walking home from a shopping trip. An SUV ploughed into him while he was crossing the road, resulting in a type of brain injury known as a subdural haematoma. He also sustained injuries to his chest and lower leg requiring a week in the hospital and subsequent orthopaedic and neurorehabilitation.

Here he talks to specialist personal injury solicitor Louise Gardner from our Swindon team about his experience trying to get help with his personal injury claim. And he explains why he thinks you should never settle for a solicitor just because they are on your doorstep.

“Shop local” they say, so I did. I googled the Law Society website and I looked at solicitor reviews online. I found a law firm near me, which claimed to specialise in claims like mine and had some good online reviews.

I had high hopes that my claim would be in safe hands. But I could not have been more wrong. After several months, my personal injury case had made absolutely no progress.

Fortunately for me and coincidentally, one of my work colleagues had also suffered injuries in a serious traffic accident, and they highly recommended specialist personal injury law firm, Novum Law, to me.

After some trepidation (I was still trying to stay true to local), I reached out, and I was immediately impressed with their professional approach. Novum Law reassured me that my case had a foundation and they would do everything she could to help me.

I was advised that transferring my case over to Novum Law from my previous solicitors would be simple and straightforward.

They arranged a home visit with me to get further information, drafted my initial witness statement and guided me on the next steps.  Throughout this process the professionalism of Novum Law, was like a breath of fresh air compared to my previous solicitors.

Without hesitation, I appointed Novum Law to act on my behalf to pursue my personal injury claim, a decision which I can honestly say was the right choice.

Louise took over all aspects of my case, arranging appointments for my specialist medical assessments.  Throughout the whole process I was constantly updated and kept informed on the progress of my claim, despite the fact the whole country was going in and out of lockdown, due to Covid-19.

Louise showed true dedication and commitment, always quickly responding to my emails, and taking my phone calls as and when needed.   

As Louise prepared my case in anticipation of issuing court proceedings, I was reassured and put at ease that my interests and needs were of primary importance and concern. Thankfully Louise was able to negotiate a settlement which avoided the need to issue proceedings.

I would like to thank Louise and Novum Law, for the effort, dedication and work done in achieving the results and outcome of my case way beyond my expectation. This is something for which I am extremely grateful and appreciative of. 

The efficiency and professionalism displayed while handling my claim put my mind at ease and confirmed that my decision to transfer my case from a local solicitor to a professional, dedicated and focussed one, with the knowledge and willingness to handle brain injuries, was the correct one.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of Novum Law and Louise Gardner for anyone who wants to make a personal injury compensation claim.

Tony L’s personal injury claim was successful, and he received a six-figure settlement.

At Novum Law, we have a strong track record of taking over claims from other firms of solicitors and achieving a substantially higher level of compensation than the initial amount suggested. We can also help if you think you didn’t receive enough compensation from your current solicitors.

Call Novum Law today on 0800 884 0777, email info@novumlaw.com or complete our online enquiry form if you are making a claim and having doubts about your solicitor or think you may not be getting the best possible service.

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