What is brain injury rehabilitation?

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Brain injury rehabilitation has been in the news in Swindon recently with the launch of The Avalon Centre, a purpose-built, specialist neurological rehabilitation centre for adults with brain injuries.

Brain injuries (sometimes referred to as an acquired brain injury or ABI) can result in significant cognitive and behavioural changes.

Cognitive issues include things like problems with thinking and concentrating, understanding, learning, processing information and remembering. It can make the simplest, everyday tasks extremely difficult, leading to anger, frustration, and distress.

Behavioural changes after brain injury may include disinhibition (a loss of control over behaviour resulting in socially inappropriate behaviour), impulsiveness, obsessive behaviour, aggressiveness, irritability, self-absorption, and apathy.

Why neurological rehabilitation?

Neurological rehabilitation helps to improve functional and cognitive abilities, reduce symptoms, and address social behaviours. It helps brain injury survivors and others with neurological conditions, enhance their everyday activities and have a better quality of life.

Neurological rehabilitation addresses the specific needs of the individual. It provides a personalised programme of treatment which includes their physical, emotional, behavioural, and social needs.

How does neurorehabilitation work?

The first step in the process of neurorehabilitation is a full assessment involving a set of tests. These will determine the overall functioning of the brain as well as some specific functions. The test results ensure that a comprehensive, highly tailored, and effective treatment plan can be developed.

The neurological treatment plan may include options such as:

· Remediation treatment – restoring skills through repetitive exercises
· Compensatory treatment – using existing skills to make up for deficits in other areas
· Psychological – ensuring the client and their family understand their condition and the recommended treatment
· Cognitive – therapies to help overcome problems with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions
· Therapeutic – specific treatment to help deal with the trauma caused by brain injury

About The Avalon Centre

At The Avalon Centre in Swindon, rehabilitation is delivered through a transdisciplinary team (TDT) to ensure treatment is consistent and effective. The therapies provide plenty of opportunities for brain injury survivors to practice and reinforce new skills and learning.

The TDT consists of neurobehavioural specialists including psychologists, nurses, neuropsychiatrists, occupational therapists, physiotherapist, speech and language therapists, dieticians, social workers, and rehabilitation assistants.

Anna Cole, a specialist brain injury solicitor from our Swindon office, said:

“As a law firm which helps people who have suffered severe brain injuries, we see every day the devastating impact it has on individuals and their loved ones.

“Neurorehabilitation after a brain injury has a crucial part to play in speeding up and improving the recovery process. It can also prevent further deterioration of brain functions.

“While rehabilitation cannot reverse the effects of a severe brain injury, it can help survivors achieve the best possible outcome and significantly improve their quality of life.

“It’s fantastic that The Avalon Centre has opened its doors in Swindon to help people in the local area who have sustained a serious brain injury. It is a much-needed service which will make a big difference in people’s lives as they start their rehabilitation journey.”

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