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Anna Cole’s most recent Trainee, James Court shares his experience of how he found his seat within Novum Law:

“The life of a PI Trainee with Novum Law is an eye opener into how the law can really protect the vulnerable. There are cases where people have sustained the most horrendous and life changing injuries. This is where Novum Law steps in and ultimately tries to give its clients the best chance of returning to a normal life. The quality is reflected by giving the attention the client needs, the high-tailored service and the empathy  that is felt for the clients. As a Trainee, it has certainly reinforced important legal concepts that were taught as a law student such as establishing negligence where issues of causation and quantum arise. At times I have compared the role to being like Sherlock Holmes. You have to investigate the facts with a magnified glass, interview several witnesses and understand the medical and psychological impact. All that is missing is a smoking pipe. A substantial area of PI is painting a picture of the client’s life before and after the accident, which can involve examining seven ring bind folders full of medical history. My advice to any future trainee is be careful when you Google search medical terms and click on images. Overall, the work has been varied, challenging and fulfilling.”