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According to the latest Government statistics, road deaths in Great Britain are at their highest level in five years.

Figures just released from the Department for Transport show that 1,792 people were killed in road traffic accidents last year, up four per cent since 2015 and the highest annual total since 2011.

Last year, a total of 24,101 people were seriously injured in collisions – an increase of nine per cent from 22,144 in 2015 (although the Government states that this is in part due to changes in the way police forces now report collision data).

 Many of these involved vulnerable road users, with pedestrian deaths up by 10 per cent to 448, compared to 2015, and cyclist deaths up by two per cent to 102.

Worryingly, the number of children killed is also up by 28 per cent from 2015, with 69 under-15s dying in 2016. Of all child road casualties (15,976), 38 per cent were pedestrians, and nearly a quarter (22 per cent) were killed or injured during the afternoon school run, between the hours of 3-5pm.

The statistics also reveal that there has been no reduction in fatalities of people on foot, bicycles and motorbikes since 2012.

Novum Law expert view

“These new figures make depressing reading. On average, five people lose their lives every day in the UK due to road traffic accidents. While statisticians point out that the rise in fatalities is not significant, it has to be said that every single death on our roads is a tragedy and is one life too many.

“While the Government attributes some of the blame to the rise in traffic levels due to economic growth, it cannot justify the terrible human toll on our roads.

“Britain’s roads may be some of the safest in the world but we must not become complacent or sweep these devastating new figures under the carpet. Clearly, something needs to be done to make our roads even safer for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

“The Government must now sit up and listen to the calls of motoring organisations, road safety charities and victim support groups for significant intervention by all means necessary – whether that’s education, enforcement, new technology or a combination of all these things – to improve road safety and ultimately save lives.”

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