Charlotte Comer Inquest: Family of Worcester woman in plea for truth ahead of inquest into her death

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Novum Law is representing and supporting the family of Charlotte Comer at the inquest into her death after she tragically died in July 2021 after suffering from mental health conditions including Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) for several years following bullying at school.

Today Charlotte’s family is calling for the truth ahead of the inquest’s findings into the circumstances leading up to her death.

Sadly, Charlotte Comer from Earls Croome, Worcester, was just 30 years old when she died after she took an overdose of prescription medication.

Before her tragic death, Charlotte had repeatedly sought specialist medical help for her BDD, but unfortunately, she was denied the treatment she so badly needed.

Speaking ahead of the inquest’s findings, Charlotte’s sister, Mo Knight Evans, said:

“As a family, we want answers. We want to understand the truth about why this happened to Charlotte. And we want to make sure that a tragedy like this doesn’t happen again to other families with loved ones struggling with BDD.

“Charlotte was articulate and intelligent. She was more than aware of the significant impact that BDD was having on her life. Over the years, Charlotte diligently researched her symptoms and was convinced she needed a referral for specialist BDD treatment. She knew The Priory offered the care and support she needed, but the NHS failed her. The NHS did not refer her to The Priory and crucially, could not properly manage her expectations.

“Charlotte went to great lengths to tell every single member of every care team she met the extent of her condition and its devastating impact on her life. She battled so hard to be understood, fight her BDD and get the specialist care she desperately needed. But it was not forthcoming.

“One of Charlotte’s last wishes, before she died, was to ‘make a noise’ so that others diagnosed with BDD do not suffer in the same way that unfortunately had.”

Specialist solicitor from Novum Law Rhiannon Davies, who represents Charlotte’s family, said:

“As we await the conclusion of this week’s inquest into Charlotte’s death, it is hoped that out of this comes more awareness and greater understanding – both in the healthcare sector and the public – about the distress, despair, and feelings of hopelessness that Body Dysmorphic Disorder can cause.

“NHS care failed Charlotte – her referral for specialist treatment was blocked by NHS staff due to their misunderstanding about the funding available for this treatment, information freely available on the internet. 

“When someone with BDD asks for help, they must have access to specialist treatment that will make a difference and help them get better. Charlotte’s loss of hope as a result of the blocked referral caused her mental health to spiral and led to her sad death.”

A tribute to Charlotte

Charlotte’s sister Mo gave this tribute to her beautiful sister:

“Charlotte was deeply loved by everyone lucky enough to know her. She was a wonderful friend, sister, daughter, and aunt with the biggest heart. Charlotte was always looking for ways to help others. She was a nanny and loved working with children with additional needs at Manor Green School. She had trained to be a paediatric nurse, and just before her death, she was working as a physiotherapy assistant at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Her biggest passion was volunteering with her therapy dog Erin at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We all miss her desperately, and our lives, while enriched for knowing her, will never be the same.”

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