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Specialist personal injury solicitors from Novum Law have secured nearly £10 million compensation for a successful businessman (‘Mr G’) seriously injured in a road traffic accident nine years’ ago.

Novum Law took over conduct of the claim from a previous law firm when Mr G’s family had some concerns regarding the way in which their case was progressing.

Novum Law was able to identify the key issues quickly and effectively, working closely with Mr G and his family. Through this combined effort which was key to the final outcome, the family received almost five times the amount of compensation offered before Novum Law took over the case.

Diane Reading, Senior Associate of Novum Law who acted on behalf of Mr G, said:

“We are so very pleased that we were able to assist Mr G to achieve the compensation that he was absolutely entitled to. We were able to coordinate a multi-disciplinary team of experts to meet his very complex and specific needs in relation to care, rehabilitation, an appropriate environment for him to live in and to enable him to access the community, improving his quality of life and that of his family.

“This was a complex and unusual case due to the delayed onset of Mr G’s catastrophic stroke almost a year after his accident. I cannot praise the family enough for their patience, determination and utmost dignity throughout this process.

“As personal injury solicitors, we are always delighted when we can make such a positive difference in people’s lives. Mr G and his family had struggled on their own for many years without the full care and support they needed after his stroke. It has been a very long and arduous journey for them, but they can finally look forward to the rest of their lives and plan their future.”

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