SUV rollover risk prompts concerns for driver, passenger and pedestrian safety

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Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) now account for over half of all new-car sales in the UK as drivers buy them for their sporty look, spacious interiors and the extra sense of security and safety they offer.

But there is growing evidence to suggest that SUVs are statistically less safe than regular cars and potentially dangerous to drivers and passengers because of the increased risk of rollover in the event of a road traffic accident.

Danger of SUV rollover accidents

A previous study in the US has shown that you are 11 times more likely to die in a crash inside an SUV compared to a regular saloon.

Research shows that SUVs lull drivers into a false sense of security, encouraging them to take greater risks.

SUV’s height and higher centre of gravity makes them twice as likely to roll in crashes and twice as likely to kill pedestrians by inflicting more severe upper body and head injuries, compared to lower limb injuries which people have better chance of surviving.

During a rollover accident, drivers and passengers face an increased risk of serious injuries such as head and brain injuries, spinal injuries, and bone fractures from being thrown around inside the car or, in some cases, ejected from the vehicle altogether.

Improving SUV safety

As worries about SUV dangers grow, car manufacturers are introducing improved safety features such as airbags specifically designed for rollover accidents to protect passengers.

However, SUV drivers can also play their part by driving slowly and carefully, keeping their SUV well-maintained and checking their tyre quality and tread to reduce the risk of a road traffic accident.

Claiming compensation after an SUV accident

Rebecca Brisley is a specialist personal injury solicitor based in Novum Law’s Plymouth team. She has many years’ experience supporting people who have been injured in car crashes that were not their fault and says:

“SUVs are a great option for people who are looking for a larger car that fits in with their lifestyle. But there are valid growing concerns about the potential dangers they pose to all road users, and that includes not only pedestrians, children and cyclists, but SUV drivers and passengers too.

“While the UK government does not record the types of vehicles involved in road crashes, it’s clear that the bigger and heavier the car, and the more likely it is to rollover, the more serious the damage it can cause.

“That’s why it’s vital that SUV drivers take extra precautions to reduce their accident risk, including driving safely and responsibly, avoiding sudden movements to the steering wheel and ensuring passengers are buckled up.”

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an SUV accident that was not your fault, our expert compassionate team is here to help. We can support you to make a compensation claim on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis, ensuring that you get the care and support you deserve.

To arrange a free, no obligation chat with one of our expert road traffic accident solicitors, call our Freephone on 0800 884 0777, email or complete our online enquiry form.

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