Novum Law supports veterans this Remembrance Day

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Today (11 November 2022) is Remembrance Day, a chance to remember the millions of brave people who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

At Novum Law, we are proud to support the British Armed Forces and committed to helping both veterans and serving members.

Last year, we signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant, which aims to ensure that people who have served in the forces, and their loved ones, are treated fairly.

Novum Law solicitor Rebecca Brisley from our Plymouth team who specialises in military injury claims is particularly passionate about supporting injured servicepeople as her husband, Anthony, is a former Royal Marine.

After 22 years of service, including tours of Afghanistan, he retired from the Marines in 2018 at the senior rank of Warrant Officer Class 2 to spend more time with Rebecca and their daughters.

Mental health struggles after serving in the Armed Forces

Anthony has previously talked publicly about his mental health struggles after the transition from military life to civilian life. So, when BuildForce, an organisation which supports veterans to develop careers in the construction industry asked him to take part in a podcast with Rebecca, he jumped at the chance.

In the podcast with BuildForce, recorded for Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, Rebecca and Anthony discuss his struggles with mental health after leaving the Marines.

After working as a bricklayer, Anthony now works for the ambulance service as an emergency care assistant. Anthony explained that many people would assume that his difficulties after leaving the military were PTSD or conflict related; but that the real issue was loneliness.

After constantly working side-by-side with close military friends for years, the separation from this network was challenging. Even though he enjoyed bricklaying, without the support of an organisation like BuildForce, Anthony struggled to adjust to the often solitary self-employed work.

Bernie Graham is a psychologist who works for BuildForce. Appearing on the podcast with Rebecca and Anthony, he said:

“Having people in your corner when you need them is so important, and you have that with your comrades who would do anything for you. That’s powerful stuff and when you leave that behind it’s going to have an impact.”

Anthony eventually left construction for his current career in the ambulance service, a role in which he can spend more time with his family and in which he feels far happier as part of a team. However, his experience makes it clear that many veterans and military personnel deserve tailored support to manage any difficulties they face during and after their service in the armed forces.

Rebecca Brisley says:

“This Remembrance Day, it’s important to be reminded of the sacrifices that have been made. Many veterans have experienced things unimaginable to most of us, which makes it so important to ensure  they receive fair treatment that takes into account their unique experiences, and the difficulties they face as a result.

“I am so proud of Anthony, and his experiences motivates me to support his fellow veterans in my work as a solicitor specialising in military claims. Myself and my colleagues feel strongly about making sure that members of the Armed Forces are valued for their bravery while serving. We also understand how important it is that after the military they are given opportunities and support to use their skills and dedication in civilian life, for example through a fulfilling career.”

If you have been injured in a military accident while serving in any capacity in the Army, Navy, RAF, or Special Forces, you may be able to claim compensation. You could also claim if you were injured while serving in the Army Reserve (Territorial Army), Navy Reserve or RAF Reserve.

Novum Law can support you on a No Win No Fee basis to help you access compensation via a number of options, including applications to the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and the War Pension Scheme, as well as civil claims against the Ministry of Defence.

For a free, no obligation chat, call Novum Law on 0800 884 0777, email or complete our online enquiry form.

You can watch Rebecca and Anthony’s podcast with BuildForce here.

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