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Compensation For Former Carpenter And Joiner Who Contracted Mesothelioma

Novum Law’s specialist asbestos disease solicitors secured a significant settlement for a former carpenter and joiner who contracted the asbestos-related disease mesothelioma decades after his exposure to deadly asbestos dust.

The asbestos and mesothelioma team was instructed by Mr L from the south-west of England when he received his devastating diagnosis in 2018.

He had spent his working life as a carpenter and joiner, starting his career with an apprenticeship at a joinery company back in the 1960s.

Asbestos Exposure

Throughout his apprenticeship, he was regularly asked to cut asbestos sheets using a circular saw. This created a huge amount of asbestos dust which he could not help but inhale. Unfortunately, the company did not provide him with any personal protective equipment, nor was he warned about the dangers of asbestos dust.

Mr L would often go out and visit different sites and cut up asbestos sheets as part of his routine tasks. He was further exposed to asbestos dust when he was required to rip out shop fronts from various premises.

He continued to work for various carpentry and joinery businesses throughout his working life and it is highly likely that these jobs further exposed him to dangerous levels of asbestos over the years.

How Novum Law Helped

Novum Law’s specialist asbestos team meticulously investigated all Mr. L’s former employers. None of these potential defendants were still in business, so our solicitors got to work contacting their insurance companies to get answers and establish where his asbestos exposure occurred.

Mr L’s first employer who took him on as an apprentice all those years ago in the 1960s admitted liability. We settled the claim successfully in 2019 providing Mr L and his family with a significant amount of compensation.

We also succeeded in getting the defendant’s insurer to agree to fund any further treatment he might need in the future, such as immunotherapy (which would not be available to him through the NHS), using private healthcare.

Mr L was delighted to settle his claim providing him with financial security and peace of mind knowing there is money available for any additional care and treatment he might need.

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