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We are proud to help make a difference in the lives of people who have been negligently harmed due to accidents, medical negligence, or asbestos exposure.

Our expert team of solicitors and lawyers are frequently active in the media commenting on high-profile stories affecting our clients.

Take a look at our press and TV coverage below.


Delayed cancer diagnosis due to COVID-19

Sherwin Hall struggled to get a diagnosis during the first coronavirus national lockdown. When he was finally given a scan after weeks of begging, doctors discovered he had a rare, fast-growing sarcoma that had spread to his lungs. He tragically died on 3 December 2020 leaving his widow, La’Troya without a husband and his two young sons without a father.

Since his death, La’Troya has courageously been sharing her story in the media to raise awareness of the issues and ensure a lasting legacy for Sherwin.


BBC Radio 2: Jeremy Vine Radio Show: Interview with La’Troya Hall (mp3)

Daily Mail: ‘My husband went to A&E 13 times. By the time he got a scan, it was too late to treat his tumours’: One widow’s shattering account of NHS that put Covid-19 ahead of cancer

Daily Mail: Father dies of cancer after having to ‘beg’ to get an MRI scan because of Covid delays after doctors misdiagnosed his tumours and sent him home with antibiotics

BBC: Leeds man who ‘begged’ for MRI scan dies from cancer

Leeds Live: Tragedy of Leeds dad who dies of cancer after MRI scan ‘delayed’ by Covid-19 crisis

Sky News: COVID-19: Father-of-two dies of cancer after MRI scan ‘delayed’ by coronavirus crisis

New York Post: UK father dies of cancer after begging for MRI amid COVID-19 crisis

The Telegraph: Father who ‘begged’ GP for an MRI scan dies from cancer after Covid backlog

The Sun: Dad-of-two, 27, dies of cancer after begging for MRI scan delayed by Covid crisis as widow tells of agony

Joe: Father Of Two Who “Begged For Mri Scan” During Lockdown Dies Of Cancer

Yahoo News: Father-of-two dies of cancer after MRI scan ‘delayed’ by Covid-19 crisis

Metro: Covid delay for a cancer scan left my hubby to die

Itv: Leeds dad who blamed Covid crisis for MRI scan delays dies from cancer

Daily Record: ‘No one would listen’ Dad who ‘begged’ for MRI scan after Covid-19 outbreak dies of cancer

FR24 News: Father of two, 27, dies of cancer after having to ‘beg’ for MRI due to Covid delays

News and Stars: Father-of-two dies of cancer after MRI scan ‘delayed’ by Covid-19 crisis

East Lothian Courier: Father-of-two dies of cancer after MRI scan ‘delayed’ by Covid-19 crisis

News Breezer: The 27-year-old father of two dies of cancer after he had to “beg” for an MRI scan because of Covid delays

itv: Horrendous toll on non-virus patients is emerging

The Guardian: Man ‘fighting for life’ after Covid-19 crisis delays NHS cancer scan

BBC Yorkshire: Yorkshireman asks for cancer scan 13 times before diagnosis

Mirror: Dad fighting for life against cancer ‘furious’ as coronavirus delays scan

The Sun: Dad, 27, ‘fighting for life’ with aggressive cancer after coronavirus crisis delayed NHS scan

Yorkshire Evening Post: Dad-of-two from Leeds with ’30 tumours in lungs’ launches urgent fundraiser ‘to save his life’

Leeds Live: Leeds dad, 27, now ‘fighting for his life’ after vital scan delayed by coronvirus

Men’s Health: Is the UK on the Verge of a Cancer Crisis?

The Telegraph: While Covid has been prioritised, what has become of the rest of the NHS?

The Royal Gazette: Bermudian’s cancer story goes viral in England

The Guardian Audio: How cancer care was sidelined in the fight against Covid-19

inews: Father-of-three, 38, given two years to live after coronavirus crisis delayed his cancer diagnosis

RT: ‘I went 13 times begging for a scan’: UK cancer patient tells RT delays in NHS amid Covid-19 cut his chance of survival

The Times: My husband died of cancer — but it was the pandemic that really killed him


Cancelled cancer clinical drug trial due to COVID-19

Novum Law client Wendy Peake who has eye cancer, was devastated when her potentially life-saving NHS clinical drug trial was cancelled indefinitely due to Covid-19.

BBC Radio Solent: World Cancer Day with Carol Player


BBC Radio 5: ‘You, Me and the Big C’ podcast: Interview with Wendy Peake (mp3)

Manchester Evening News: Mum given devastating news after going for routine eye test – she now needs your help to survive

BBC: Britain’s Cancer Crisis

The Guardian: Woman whose NHS cancer trial was halted seeks to buy drug privately

The Sunday Times: Cancer sufferers go door to door to pay for private treatment

The Daily Mail: NHS faces lawsuits over scans, tests and operations cancelled during lockdown 


Delayed cancer treatment due to COVID-19

Rob McMahon, a retired NHS Chief Executive, has prostrate cancer. He experienced worrying cancer treatment delays during the COVID-19 lockdown and had to take matters into his own hands to get the timely treatment he needed.

The Guardian Patient Safety Learning Hub

The Guardian: Man plans to sue NHS after cancer surgery delayed due to coronavirus

Patient Safety Learning Hub: Man plans to sue NHS after cancer surgery delayed due to coronavirus 


Misdiagnosis during COVID-19

A Novum Law client with serious life-threatening hernia complications almost died after being misdiagnosed and sent home from hospital on the first day of the lockdown as the NHS reduced normal services to focus on Covid-19.

The Guardian

The Guardian: Isle of Wight patient sent home on first day of Covid-19 lockdown almost died

BBC: Man ‘could have died after Isle of Wight hospital misdiagnosis’

Isle of Wight County Press: Man almost dies after “misdiagnosis” at St Mary’s Hospital

Isle of Wight Radio: Isle of Wight man “almost died” after “misdiagnosis” on day one of coronavirus lockdown


Shrewsbury and Telford Maternity Services Scandal

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals (SaTH) NHS Trust has been under investigation since 2017 and the investigation has subsequently uncovered 1,862 serious incidents, including hundreds of avoidable deaths and an unusually high number of maternity deaths between 2000 and 2019. Read Hannah Carr’s blog post about the scandal.

Daily Mail: NHS is forced to pay £1.2 billion in just a year over catastrophic maternity blunders – as cost of delivery room errors triples over the last decade


The impact of gender on brain injury

Louise Gardner, associate solicitor at Novum Law, outlines the impact of gender on brain injury and asks if there is an imbalance in the way women’s brain injuries are assessed and treated.

NR Times: Gender and TBI – are women at a disadvantage?


Inquest at Birmingham and Solihull Coroner’s Court

Novum Law is representing the family of Azra Parveen Hussain (nee Sultan), a 40-year-old mother of four, who tragically died on 6 May 2020 at Mary Seacole House, a mental health hospital run by Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (BSMHT) after several missed opportunities to keep her safe. At an inquest at Birmingham and Solihull Coroner’s Court, which concluded this week, evidence was heard that Azra was the seventh in-patient of the Trust to use an en-suite bathroom door to hang themselves since 2013.

BBC: Birmingham mental health unit suicide ‘didn’t need to happen’

The Independent: Multiple opportunities missed to prevent suicide death at NHS mental health unit, inquest hears

BBC Midlands News (Video)


The Length of Britain Challenge – Silverlining Brain Injury Charity

Kim Chamberlain, Director of Novum Law, is finished her epic 1,084-mile virtual run across the length of Great Britain to help support brain injury survivors supported by The Silverlining Brain Injury Charity.

Swindon Advertiser: Lawyer runs every day – through all weathers – for brain injury survivors

Business Biscuit: Lawyer runs over 1,000 miles to raise over £2.5k for brain injury survivors

This is Wiltshire: Lawyer runs every day – through all weathers – for brain injury survivors


Inquest at Gwent Coroner Service

Demi Reed died from an overdose of prescription drugs which a coroner claimed should have been spotted far sooner, and had it, would have saved her life. Phillip Gower, director of Novum Law in Cardiff worked on Demi’s case with barrister Edwin Buckett.

Wales Online: ‘Our daughter would still be alive today if it wasn’t for the failings in her hospital care’

Daily Record: Dad says daughter would still be alive today if it wasn’t for hospital failings


Novum Law Cardiff

Novum Law Cardiff has strengthened its team with the appointment of Associate Solicitor, Rhiannon Davies, following a period of rapid growth for the firm, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In recognition of the success of Novum Law’s Cardiff office since its launch in July 2019, Phillip Gower, who heads up the Cardiff team, has just been promoted to Director of Novum Law.

Wales247: New key appointment for Cardiff specialist law firm

Business News Wales: New Key Appointment for Cardiff Specialist Law Firm 

Business Biscuit: Three new key appointments at specialist law firm


The Wilden Inquest

Luke Wilden (18) died in his Bedford flat on 22 May 2020 from cardiotoxicity (heart failure). An inquest has found that multiple systemic failures by Bedfordshire’s mental health services contributed to his tragic and untimely death. Mary Smith represents the family.

Bedforshire Live: ‘Loving’ Bedford teenager died after ‘repeated failure and neglect’ by mental health services


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