Have you been affected by asbestos?

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If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with an asbestos illness, you will know, only too well, the changes it can bring

We talk to Andrew Stinchcombe, Partner at Novum Law about his work in the Plymouth area and the firms continued expansion.

Q: Andrew, tell us about Novum Law?

A: Novum Law is a specialist law firm dealing with asbestos related disease, serious injuries and medical negligence. All our lawyers, based in Plymouth and throughout the country, are highly trained personal injury lawyers with decades of experience and dealing exclusively in asbestos related claims and other high value extremely complex matters.

Q: Explain the work that Novum Law does in Plymouth?

A: Plymouth is a hotspot for cases of asbestos illness such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, pleural thickening and asbestosis.

I specialise solely in pursuing asbestos claims, as do the other highly experienced lawyers in our Asbestos Team. Our presence in Plymouth enables us to work closely with asbestos victims and their families and we provide specialist local knowledge.

Q: Why is it important to deal with a specialist lawyer?

A: Asbestos claims require expertise borne from experience; only with a specialist will you be able to recover the correct amount of compensation to help you in the future. It is essential that each case is assessed correctly from the outset and that the right team of experts is put together to

work throughout the case and give you the support you need. Our specialised Asbestos Team has many decades of experience in dealing solely with high value, complex asbestos claims including many ground-breaking settlements.

Q: So how much will this specialist advice cost?

A: The good new is, with our bespoke conditional fee agreements and a special policyinsurance, our work carries no financial risk to our client or their family if, for some reason, the case is unsuccessful. We also offer free, no obligation consultations and we are happy to see you in your own home.

Q: If someone has suffered an asbestos related disease, what should they do?

A: The first thing to do is get in touch and see how we can help you. Whatever the nature of your asbestos related disease, our specialist team will advise your on your prospects of success, honestly and clearly.

Q: Is it just about the money?

A: Absolutely not. The amount of compensation is important because it will help you to plan for your future and also for your family but, along the way, there are other things to think about. The Asbestos Team at Novum Law understands that, for some clients, this is the first time they will have instructed a solicitor and the prospect can be daunting so, we make everything clear and easy to understand. We take the worry out of the whole process.

Q: What do your clients say about the Novum Law Asbestos Team?

A: This is a quote from one of our clients.

“I was blinded with the fact that I had got mesothelioma because I never thought I would get it. Novum Law has helped me so much. I have never had somebody care for t even have to goto Court, they sorted eve rything out for me very quickly. Novum Law has got me all the ve got people coming round to care for me, and do jobs here for t thank them .

If you have any asbestos related queries, please contact Andrew Stinchcombe at Novum Law on 01752 222 921.

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