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Dr Bill Kirkup’s long-awaited Dixon Inquiry report into the tragic death of 11-month old Elizabeth Dixon in December 2001 is set to lift the lid on hospital and community care failings and is due to be published shortly.

Associate Legal Director of Novum Law and patient safety expert Mary Smith, who has supported the Dixon family for six years, summarises the background to the Dixon Inquiry report in this blog:

Dixon Inquiry: Kirkup report due 19 years after death of baby Elizabeth Dixon

Anne and Graeme Dixon release cherished family video

The parents of baby Elizabeth (‘Lizzie’) Dixon have released an emotional video documenting poignant moments they spent in hospital with their beautiful daughter during her short life. Speaking about the cherished camcorder footage they said:

“We will always carry in our hearts the precious but anguished, beautiful but painful, time with our darling little girl.”

© Dixon Family

Anne Dixon has been talking about the crucial support Mary Smith, Associate Legal Director and patient safety expert at Novum Law, has given the family over the past six years:

“Mary Smith’s expert help, guidance and support has been invaluable to us. We felt utterly exhausted at the point we were introduced to Mary in 2014 and we will always be grateful to the person who brought us together. We were completely heartbroken and traumatised by the suffering our beloved daughter, Elizabeth, had endured. The years we had spent battling to find the truth for ourselves, which was denied us when Elizabeth died, had taken their toll.

“Since the day Mary first spoke to us, she has shown us total commitment, kindness and compassion. She believed in what we were saying, she studied our evidence and like us, was determined for the truth to be recognised and for good to come from all that had gone wrong in our daughter’s care.

“Mary’s humanity and her sensitivity coupled with her calm and professional manner, restored our confidence and gave us the strength to keep going in our fight for answers and our desire to bring about change, so that no child and their family would have to go through what Elizabeth and ourselves had experienced. We thank Mary from the bottom of our hearts for all she has done for us. She genuinely is a wonderful person.”

Anne Dixon, November 2020


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