Continued expansion as Novum Law ventures into Salisbury

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Q: Who are Novum law and what do they do?

A: Novum law is a specialist law firm dealing with serious injuries such as brain and spinal, medical negligence and asbestos related diseases. All our lawyers, based throughout the country, are highly trained personal injury lawyers with decades of experience dealing exclusively in high-value claims of extreme complexity.

Q: Why am I opening a Novum Law office in Salisbury?

A: The team at Novum Law is eager to build upon Novum’s growing reputation and continuing success by offering a Salisbury base for clients and their families. I hold strong ties to the area; I was born near Salisbury and continue to live nearby, close to family and friends. Novum Law is already established in Bristol, Bath, Swindon and the Isle of Wight – we now look forward to expanding our reach further by bringing our skills and experience of this complex area of law to Salisbury.

Q: What work does my team undertake?

A: The lawyers at Novum Law have many decades of experience of dealing exclusively with very large claims for damages and cases of extreme complexity. We can help people claim compensation if they’ve suffered a serious injury in a variety of situations. These can range from serious road traffic accidents to accidents at work to medical negligence claims.

As well as the trauma of the accident itself, there are often major financial, employment and social implications to be tackled. Recovering adequate compensation quickly and efficiently can be a major step in re-building someone’s life for the future – that’s where we come in.

We also deal with complex medical negligence cases. When mistakes occur in a medical context, the consequences are often very severe. Our team of medical law specialists regularly deal with cerebral palsy claims, pregnancy, birth and gynaecology claims, incorrect or delayed diagnosis/treatment, surgical errors, misprescription claims, accident and emergency claims and GP and community health claims.

Q: Why is it important to instruct a specialist lawyer?

A: Serious injuries require expertise borne from experience; only with a specialist will you be able to recover the correct amount of compensation to help you in the future. It is essential that each case is assessed correctly from the outset and that the right team of experts is put together to work through the case and give you the support you need, not just there and then, but for the rest of your life.

Q: How much will this specialist advice cost?

A: The good news is, with our ‘no win, no fee’ agreements and a special policy of ‘after-the-event’ insurance, our work carries no financial risk to our client or their family. We also offer free, no-obligation consultations and are happy to travel to see clients wherever they feel most comfortable.

Q: If someone has suffered a serious injury, what should they do?

A: The first thing to do is get in touch and see how we can help you. Whatever your injury, our specialist team can advise upon your prospects of success, honestly and clearly.

Whilst we recognise that it is not all about money, the amount of compensation is important because it will help our clients live their lives as fully as possible despite the injuries which they have sustained. Our team understands that, for some clients, this is the first time they will have instructed a solicitor and the prospect can be daunting so, we try to make everything clear and easy to understand leaving our client to focus on their recovery.

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