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As National Road Victim Month 2020, an annual campaign to raise awareness of road safety and remember victims of road traffic accidents, gets underway, the latest government statistics reveal an average of 76 people were killed or seriously injured on British roads every day in 2019.

The Department for Transport (DfT) provisional data shows that 1,748 people were killed on Britain’s roads in 2019 – down just 2% on 2018’s figure.

DfT admits this figure is “similar to the level seen since 2012” and the number of deaths recorded each year has been “broadly flat”, with relatively small changes caused by either “one-off causes” such as the snow in 2010, or “natural variation”.

Lack of road safety progress

In light of the latest statistics, road safety campaigners are calling on the Government to take action. Brake, the road safety charity said there has been a “continued stagnation in the country’s road safety record over the past decade”.

Independent road safety organisation IAM Roadsmart said: “We need the UK government to show real leadership and push road safety up the political agenda if we are to see a return of year-on-year improvements.”

As the Government announces an ambitious £2bn plan to boost the numbers of people cycling and walking, Brake points out that the number of pedestrian and cyclist deaths in 2019 (560 in total) has not improved over the past decade. Pedestrians and cyclists continue to be the most vulnerable road users, with a fatality rate more than 20 times that of someone in a car.

Making roads safer

While road safety campaigners applaud the Government’s aims to get more people out of their cars and to get walking and cycling more, they argue that this ambition can only be achieved if we have safe roads that people can feel confident to travel on.

Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake said: “With 76 people being killed or seriously injured on the roads every day, 28 of which are people cycling or walking, we are a long, long way from achieving this goal.”

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