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A’s husband was seriously injured in an accident at work.

“Because they deal with serious injuries every day they knew what I was going through. It’s hard, it’s very very hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face.
They gave me support where they saw I needed it. My decisions were paramount. They listened well and they took on board my feelings.It didn’t matter if I asked the same question in a different way a hundred times they still explained it to me.  They just supported me, they kept me informed, I just knew they were doing everything in my best interests.My Novum Law solicitor was by my side in the Court. I was awarded much more than I thought I would get, but it was never just about the money. I just wanted my husband home with me.And he is back home with me now. He goes to bed with his wife and he wakes up with his wife, and if he rolls over in the night and puts his arm round me he knows that I’m there.Going with Novum Law was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

J is a police officer involved in a car crash while on patrol.

“My initial motivation for contacting a solicitor came after I applied for life insurance following the collision and was turned down because of my head injury. This scared me a lot and made me consider my financial future.

I hadn’t wanted to go down the legal route – I felt that perhaps I was being disloyal to the job. But it became apparent to a number of colleagues and friends that I actually wasn’t well. I’d suffered a number of physical injuries including a bump on the head, general broken ribs and extensive soft tissue damage. I knew I was sore but I didn’t realise that it was the bump on the head that was the more significant thing. After some time I began to realise that I needed some sort of help.

Novum listened to me and went through the extent of what I’d been through, and that began the process of trying to understand what was wrong, and of what would be beneficial to me. In the beginning I couldn’t understand what was happening to me, I couldn’t comprehend the emotional and psychological element of the accident. Without them I wouldn’t have got the treatment I needed.

Novum won the case for me, and helped me get my life back together.

I’d say they are absolutely outstanding.”


S’s husband suffered brain injury.

Initially the family thought the injury had been sustained in a cycling injury, but investigations by the Novum Law team revealed that it had been caused by wrongly administered medication at the hospital.

“The family really just wanted to know what happened. We weren’t sure we could take the case forward because of the costs. But we really wanted to know what had happened.

Novum Law took the case on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, and that helped us a lot. It’s going to be very costly to look after Charles at home for the rest of his life. We were successful with the case and now we’ve purchased a bigger house and we’re adapting it for my husband.

The team at Novum Law have been fantastic throughout. It’s been such a difficult time but the whole team has kept my spirits up. They have kept me smiling through some very dark times. It’s been a journey I wouldn’t put anybody through but at least we know we were on the right team and we couldn’t have had anybody better. Thank God we found them, really.”


S contracted mesothelioma through washing her stepfather’s asbestos contaminated overalls.

“I was blinded with the fact that I’d got mesothelioma because I never thought I would get it. My step dad had asbestosis and he had cancer as well later on, but I didn’t realize it could affect me as well.

Novum have helped me so much. I’ve never had somebody care for me like they did. Everyone in the office was fantastic. Even the secretaries didn’t sound like secretaries, they became more like family to me. I just felt so welcomed.

I didn’t even have to go to Court, they sorted everything out for me very quickly. Novum have got me all the help I need now. I’ve got people coming round that care for me, and do jobs here for me here at home. I can’t thank them enough.”


T’s son was injured in a car accident aged 19, eight years ago.

“It wasn’t about the compensation, it was about having somebody there to care for Paul.

For the first year after the accident we didn’t have any help. When I brought Paul home from hospital, we had a head injury nurse come out once to tell me that Paul needed care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that meant I had to leave my job, I had two other children as well and of course that becomes a financial strain.

I didn’t understand head injury at all.  Paul would become violent, his speech was an issue, you couldn’t leave him in the house on his own. The fact that Novum are specialists in head injury was a huge help. They have helped me so much. To be honest, they are a godsend.

Apart from the financial help Paul has got the care he needs, they are a great support to me. It makes my life much easier knowing there is someone on the end of the phone who understands and cares.”


G’s father contracted mesothelioma

“My father was suffering and we understood compensation was available.

Novum Law have guided us expertly through the process eventually submitting a successful claim on our behalf.

From the outset they have shown great empathy in dealing with myself and my parents. During meetings involving my dad they were always friendly and considerate and gave Dad time to explain and tell his recollections.

Our lawyer has been supremely professional and his excellent people skills have helped us at a particularly difficult time. They deserve a great deal of credit for the way they have dealt with all the process, looked after us and shown compassion in our situation.”


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